About us

At one point or another, all of us will encounter the stressful event of moving. All Boxed up is a company that makes moving not only convenient but environmentally friendly. We offer an alternative to the regular cardboard boxes for moving purposes. As you all know Cardboard boxes are a hassle, they can flip open, break free and hurt our valuables. Our purpose is to provide hardy boxes and other supplies that will help you save time as well as provide safety for your variables and at the same time be environment friendly. Overall we save you time, money and and make you move faster.

How it Works

Step 1: You will be able to order the boxes over the phone for a particular date. On that date our driver will deliver the box within a two hour time period according to your convenience and we will also call beforehand and confirm the order and time. Then the boxes will be delivered directly to your house making it hassle free for you.

Step 2: After you move into your new home and get things unpacked, you either give us a call or email us and one of our customer service agents will be happy to pick it up at your convenience.